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Death's Door to Mentor

Being taken by an Angel to God's waiting Room, Barbara was blessed with a healed heart. She was also told she was being sent back to do mission work with God's children, to help give them hope and healing through faith based Equine Assisted Learning.

With her second chance at life she and her husband Mike have also written an interactive children's book to engage kids with an opportunity to become a character in the next 12 books "Barbie's Sea Horse".

From early on children are looking to discover their place in the world. Many are born or have acquired physical and or mental challenges. Our story speaks to the fact that we are all a unique creation in God’s universe. Their God given purpose and identity are found through a relationship with Jesus! Not how the world defines us. Our hope is this story helps them spread their wings and fly, beyond the traps that can lead to substance abuse.

Please help us by purchasing the book, reading it with your children and submitting what character they would like to be. Details are in the book.

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