August 4, 2019

I'm always amazed by the enthusiastic approach this old boy has for learning new tricks. What is the secret you ask? Find out in our Speak Horse Program that is now available at See Horse Miami. All proceeds from the lessons are donated back into See Horse Miami, to he...

June 8, 2019

Being taken by an Angel to God's waiting Room,  Barbara was blessed with a healed heart. She was also told she was being sent back to do mission work with God's children, to help give them hope and healing through faith based Equine Assisted Learning.

With her second ch...

June 3, 2019

If you worry about loosing your child to the bad influences of an unkind and corrupt society, you are not alone. We are searching for 12 children to be a character in our new faith based book series, "Barbie's Sea Horse" Invest wisely in your child's future by inviting...

September 24, 2018

It's just amazes me everyday how animals can transport our hearts and minds to a magical place when we're hanging with them.

September 21, 2018

Two students have fun riding horses doing an obstacle coarse that involves some reading at different stations. Both children suffer from dyslexia, but enjoy  this type of learning/recreation at See Horse Miami.

September 21, 2018

Chicken are great for eating bugs, spider, tics and fleas. 

Finding meaning through See Horse Miami's experiential learning EAL program, leads women to find who their identity is in Christ and who God made them to be. This truth helps set them free from the bondage of substance abuse and facilitates in hope and healing. This wo...

These students who have dyslexia read to the horses of

See Horse Miami. It's a wonderful way to connect with these amazing animals and read without the pressure of being judged and pressured.

Liberty is about the horses's free will to interact with its owner unrestrained with the absence of tack. A bond is created through a series of companionship interactions that are naturally enjoyable to the horse. This bond is the key to a magical relationship with you...

Barbara has just released her book "In God's waiting Room" an inspirational true story based on the events that transpired in her 2009 two week coma, brought on by the deadly H1N1 flue virus. Finding herself at death's door, Barbara encountered an angel who said she wa...

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